What I Wore When... - An Official Glamour Podcast

Welcome to Glamour magazine's first-ever mini-podcast series, What I Wore When.... In it, you'll hear designers and Glamour editors share the poignant, empowering, and often funny narratives behind the outfits they wore during a pivotal life moment. These are stories about the power of style and the brave, bold women who express it.
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What I Wore When... - An Official Glamour Podcast

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Aug 18, 2015


In this new podcast, former child star Ashley Tisdale chronicles her sartorial journey beginning with the outfit she wore on a career-altering audition for The Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Tisdale, who calls Christina Aguilera an early style mentor, also shares how she developed some of her most celebrated roles—including that of Sharpay in High School Musical—through costume.